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My K9's Companion

                      and Kitties Too!

Dedicated pet care services focusing on physical exercise, 

mental stimulation, and emotional security for your pets.

Photo Gallery

My Kitty Companions too! My Kitty Companions too! BABY-BOO! Hello Kitty! This beautiful blue eyes girl is a Ragdoll/Siamese/Calico/Persian mix. If her stunning heritage doesn't woo you, her mesmerizing blue eyes will! 193558180 LUCY! Meowzers! This kitten loves head rubs, rump rubs, and purrs like a locomotive when happy :-) Loves to play "gotcha' " when you aren't looking too! Best known for hiding so well that a thorough search of the home never turns up Lucy.... hmmmmm.... 193558181 DEXTER! Dexter's real name is "Oreo", but it has recently been changed to Dexter (as in the TV show "Dexter) for his propensity to torture and slowly kill things that are too slow to escape him. Otherwise, he is a VERY SWEET boy and loves to be pet and rub up against you. 193770234 PEARL! Such a SWEET girl! Pearl is the 1st to greet you in the morning...not specifically just for loves and pets, but also for her morning treat :-) She has a very playful disposition and will ambush your toes from under the bed. 193770235 FRANK! This gorgeous boy is the "brother" to Georgia, the Greyhound. He is a talker and loves to tell you all about...well...everything! He is the best a greeting you at the door when you arrive and is content to settle in where ever you are. 194122593 MOE! Moe is a sweet and playful all American kitty! He loves to wrestle with his big sister, Daisy (who is a Vizsla), he will chase his toys if you throw them..still working on returning them. He is a master at ambushing you from behind the curtains and he will sneak outside if given the chance. But then he comes right-back-in! 194619040 RALPH! Regal Ralph is a 14y/o Seal Pointe Siamese with the most soulful face of a cat I have ever seen! He looks right into your eyes and whispers, "I just love you, you, you and only you" He loves his dinner and treats, a good cuddle and can purr like a locomotive to tell you he is a happy boy :-) 194619041 LITTLE TIFFANY! Little Tiffany is a 1y/o Seal Pointe Siamese who was rescued from a bad situation. She takes a while to warm up to strangers, but once she does, she owns you! She is playful, a lover and wants nothing more to be where you are (and the treats!) 194619042 BIG TIFFANY! Big Tiffany, like her sister, Little Tiffany, also came from a bad situation and has serious trust issues. Very curious and wants to play but has more trust issues than Little Tiffany. She is treat motivated, tolerates a short stroke of petting on her back, then goes back into hiding. 194619043 WILLIE! Willie is a stunning long haired black kitty with mesmerizing orange eyes! He is a true lover, and just wants to be wherever you are, keeping your lap warm or your hands busy petting him. He likes to play with sticks and boss around his dog "sister", Lucky. 197015580 PRECIOUS! This beautiful red & white tabby is very aloof and a tad bit anti-social. BUT if you ignore him completely and stay still long enough he eventually makes an appearance and will even come to you and grace you with his very sweet presence and ask to be pet <3 198027995 PEAPOD! Sweeet Peapod loves his treats and will follow you around until he gets one...or two....or three :-) He purrs so softly and is always up for a gentle head-butt :-) 203775266 WOOKIE! Wookie is one of the shyest boys I've met. He'll stare at you from afar, but as soon as you make eye contact with him - he's GONE! 203775268 CHLOE! Chloe is a long haired tortiseshell girl who happens to also be deaf. She is extremely talkative at times and always ready for affection and a nice brushing. 203775269 DEXTER! This sweet boy is VERY shy and reclusive,,,until meal time. Then he'll trot circles around you while his food is being prepared, then sits patiently on his spot on the steps by the bed for you to place his bowl down. It's rather sweet :-) 203775272 TULLY! Tully is a striking example of the gorgeous breed of Maine Coon cat. He is very large, alert, playful and loving. Despite his large size, he is not aggressive and loves to be loved and scratch on his posts. 203775273 YIN! Yin is the sister to her counterpart Yang and is a bit more shy but still very playful once she warms up to you :-) 203775275 CHLOE! This sweet girl is a bit shy but when she's up for it, like a nice scratch under her chin ;-) 203775277 MAX! Max is a sweet and loving long haired boy who is diabetic but as happy as the day is long. He loves to have his long hair brushed and nap in the sun. 203775279 YANG! This sweet boy is the brother of Yin and loves loves LOVES meal time. He'll roll over right at your feet and purr-meow until you head to the kitchen to feed him. It's quite adorable! 203775281 BOB! Oh my my, is Bob the Cat is a yellow tabby and ever so handsome and playful. He loves to chat, follow you around, bring you dead things (it's LOVE, i know!) And genuinely loves your company. 204169189 ECLIPSE! Gorgeous black Eclipse with his emerald eyes! He's a spry 19 years old and doing just fine! He loves attention, being petted, eating his yummy food and catching the suns rays when he can. 204169191 TSUNAMI! This beautiful silver boy is 17 years old and the BIGGEST lover there is. I hear he lived up to his name in his younger days, but now he is content for loves, head butts, nap time and treats. 204169192 WILLIE! This shy handsome Tabby takes a bit to warm up to you, but once he's decided your alright, he is the first to meow at you for not making dinner fast enough, and so happy to lead you down the hall to show you where he wants to eat. AND if you pass the grade, he might even thank you with a short and sweet head butt! 204169193 ZIGGY! These mesmerizing green eyes will look into your soul and that's all it takes and you're his! 204924866 CHLOE O'MALLEY! What sweet girl she is! She has the sweetest "chirp" when she wants your attention and loves to play catch with her toys :-) 204924868 BARKLEY! Mr. Barkley is a gentle senior kitty who loves his meals and a good nap. Age doesn't slow him down and he still requires a generous amount of love and lap time. 204924869 TORTILLINA! Such a PRETTY girl with a LARGE personality to go with her beauty! She loves, plays, naps, eats all with ferve! She knows she's a looker and a lover too! 204924870 TALLY! A rather shy girl until she gets to know you. Her favorite place is in the closet behind some shoes until she decides your OK enough to hand out with. After she decides that, well then she's a little love bug :-) 204924888 GRADY! Gentle and loving Mr. Grady :-) He gives the best head bumps and holds his own for demanding attention even with the 2 big dogs in the house. 204924889 IGGY! 17y/o Iggy still loves his ears rubbed and a good meal of wet kitty food. He's a gentle old man and has the kindest expressions when you pet him He just makes YOU feel loved. 204924890 MADdison! This is not-sweet Maddison. She loves her mommy and no-one else. She barely tolerates me in the room and makes no quams about hissing her disapproval of my existance. But I love her anyway! 204924891 PENELOPE! Oh what a beauty is Penelope! In true calico fashion, she is willful, smart, playful and aloof all at the same time. She is a champion head-butting kitty and also is a pro at the unprovoked love-bites :-) 205256180 FUDZI! This loving boy is 17years old and every day we go on a walk around his big yard. Fudzi LOVES to watch the birds, still plays with the leaves as they blow past him and is always up for a good chin rub any chance you have to give him one. 205256181 MONKEY! This very serious look is just a ruse :-) Monkey is an 8 y/o muted tortie and is the SWEETEST little thing ever! She loves to purr while you're petting her and loves to give head bumps and snuggle up next to you when she can. 205385567 LUCKY! And LUCKY he IS! He has used 7 of his 9 lives already, one being by getting run over by a truck and walking away from it like no big deal! Lucky is a very handsome boy with a stunning glossy coat, he is very playful with other cats and moderately tolerant of the rest of us. 205522682 FEARLESS! This ball of fury and wildness is Fearless, a muted Bengal cat. She is young but nothing fazes her. She is wickedly intelligent, gets in to everything and can purr like a motor when she's happy. 205522683 SHARKY! Mr. Sharky is a muted yellow tabby who is a true clown! He plays with everything, including things in the air we can't see (doesn't mean he's crazy!) He loves to love on you and makes everything fun when he's in the room. 205522684 PANDA! This sweet boy is Panda, a black & white domestic shorthair kitty :-) He is somewhat aloof, but does enjoy an occasional cuddle and nap on your lap if the other kitties in the house give him some space. 205522685